Educational Support Teams For Families

Educational Support Team (EST) for RNESU Families

What is an Educational Support Team (EST)? 

An EST is a collaborative team typically consisting of parents/guardians, classroom teacher(s), school counselors, interventionists, and relevant experts. Any student may be referred to the EST at any time by any one at the school or by parents/guardians. The team relies on data to monitor a student’s academic, social emotional, and/or behavioral progress.  

What happens during an EST Meeting?

During the initial meeting, the EST members will review information about your child and develop strategies to meet your child’s academic, social emotional, and/or behavioral needs. In subsequent meetings there will be a discussion involving student performance, and a conversation about current strategies and whether they have been effective. Based on the data and progress results, the team will decide to continue with the existing strategies or seek additional information. 

When do EST Meetings Occur?

Once an EST referral is made, attendees will be notified to schedule an initial meeting. 

How will I know how my student is doing?

Every 6-8 weeks, the intervention team reviews student progress. If any changes are made to a student’s plan, parents will be notified directly. 

How can I prepare for an EST Meeting?

We invite you to contribute your valuable insight, and we need your help to develop strategies to support your child. We look forward to establishing a positive partnership with you so that we can work together to help your student be successful. Please review Tips for Families Attending EST Meetings for more information to guide the conversation. 


For questions please contact your school’s EST Coordinator:

Barstow: Kristen Aines,

Lothrop: Michelle Adams,, Alyssa Adamsen,

Neshobe: Katie Kloss

Otter Creek Academy: Debbie Koretz,

Otter Valley Middle and High School: Bill Rose (7-9),, Nathan Wisdahl (10-12)


For More Information please visit: Educational Support Teams (VT Agency of Education), EST a Deeper Look (VT Agency of Education) and Crosswalk of PLP, EST, IEP, Section 504 Plans (VT Agency of Education)

Tips for Families Attending EST Meetings

It would be beneficial for the EST Team to know of any changes that could have an impact on your student's ability to learn, such as… 

Changes in Routine
Have there been any changes at home when it comes to the student’s family life?

Have there been any changes at home that have led to a different routine?

Previous Supports

Has your child received any mental health counseling in the past?

What kind of academic support has your child received in the past?

Students Feelings about School

Does your child have peers they connect with? 

Are there peers they do not get along with?
What has your child shared with you about their school experience?

Health and Vision

Have you noticed any recent changes in your child’s health?

Do you notice any vision or hearing issues at home?

Does your child wear glasses? If so, how often should they be wearing them?

These conversations will be helpful to guide the strategies we put in place to support your child. Thank you for your partnership.