Useful Websites

We are often referencing and using these websites in school. We encourage you to share and utilize them at home as well.

Website Name Type Grade Level Link
Xtra Math Math Fluency K-6 Xtra Math Website
World Book Citation Reference 4-6 World Book Citation
Typing Pal Typing Skills K-6 Typing Pal Website
Starbase VT Physical Science 5-6 Starbase VT Website
Spelling City Spelling K-6 User: Password: 123456789
Sheppard Math Math K-6 Sheppard Math Website
Sheppard Learning All Subjects K-6 Sheppard Website
Scholastic News Reading K-6 Scholastic News Website
Responsive Classroom Social Curriculum K-6 Responsive Classroom Website
Read Theory Reading 3-6 Read Theory Website
National Geographic Science 2-6 National Geograpic Website
Magisto Online Video Editor 4-6 Magisto Video Editor
Khan Academy All Subjects K-6+ Khan Academy
Joy Tunes Music K-6 Joytunes Website
Creative Commons Image Search K-6 Creative Commons Website
CNN Student News Daily News 5-6 CNN Website
Bridges Math Math Curriculum Support K-5 Bridges Math Website
Bridges Games and Support Games & Activities 4-5-6 Bridges Games